Allergy sufferers breathe - and vacuum - easy


To support the introduction to these shores of a new bagless vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy sufferers, our project brief was to obtain online product reviews and communicate key appliance benefits.

For the appliance from Thomas, a significant player in the German floorcare marketplace, we researched and targeted bloggers in the cleaning, allergy, home interest sectors, people with high disposable incomes (60+).

Our blogger campaign introduced Thomas - and the vacuum cleaner called Perfect Air Allergy Pure - to UK audiences. A lot of resulting interest has been generated - with positive online feedback. As well as sales opportunities and getting the Thomas brand name out there in the bloggersphere.

The approach communicated that this machine, featuring innovative water filtration, provides a solution for allergy sufferers, for whom a routine task like vacuuming can be something to dread - breathing in all that disturbed dust, dirt, pollen, allergens is not ideal for asthmatics, hayfever sufferers...


About Perfect Air Allergy Pure from Thomas:

  • Machine binds dust, pollen, odour particles in water - noticeably refreshing the air around you.

  • Very powerful vacuum cleaner provides effective performance to remove dust/dirt from carpets/floors.

  • Thoroughly vacuuming your carpet, appliance's water filter technology means air in room feels distinctly fresh.

  • Major risk for allergy sufferers when vacuuming is changing the bag, emptying tank of cyclone vacuum cleaner...
    This vacuum cleaner efficiently avoids this - sucked-up house dust, allergens, pollen, animal hair, mites neatly bound-in water, poured away dust-free.  

  • Thomas vacuum cleaner cleverly uses water, and constantly high suction power, during each vacuum cleaning.
  • Instead of bag, unique Aqua Pure Filter Box - filled with just one litre of water - ensures dust/odour particles cannot escape back into air, be breathed-in.
  • Clean, fresh, odour-free - noticeably refreshed air - humidified house dust particles, allergens, pollen, dust mites bound- in water.  
  • Unique pollen filter - ensures 100% pollen separation - pollen is common cause of asthma - pollen filter 'catches', removes  pollen in air while vacuuming.

About Thomas brand:

  • 100+ years’ heritage – innovation tradition via high quality manufacturing standards; own production factory - Neunkirchen, Germany.

  • Thomas synonymous with ‘Made in Germany’ – product elements made there.

  • Product materials environmentally friendly, processed by state-of-art engineering 



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Allergy sufferers breathe - and vacuum - easy

To support the introduction to these shores of a new bagless vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy...



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