what people say

Charles Gordon - client, formerly international sales director – BISSELL;
now MD, whatvacuum.com:
‘Part of management team, Victor relentlessly re-energised BISSELL brand.
Supporting our sales/marketing efforts he achieved terrific results in consumer/retail media.
His strategic/planning and implementation skills, detail, meant PR impact far exceeded expectations.’ 


Tony Dugdale – former client, Samsung UK, sales/marketing director; business associate, Elliott Business Connexions:

‘Very reliable, trustworthy pro… excellent people skills… understanding… patient under pressure… great handling media/consumers at all levels…’

Kevin Macan-Lind – former client, CEO, Institute of Acoustics;
previous media partner:

‘A big thank you for all that you’ve done for the IOA.
You surpassed expectations!’

Ashley Rigden – managing director, Northgate Partners;
media partner:                                                                                                                       
‘An excellent man to work with. I've found Victor to be thorough, straightforward, efficient and above all, agreeable. In a profession often characterised as neurotic, Victor is a limpid pool of calm, which has the effect of making the complicated simple...’



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